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Nick Walker after losing at Arnold: “I respect the judges”

            Nick Walker was the heavy favorite for the 2023 Arnold Classic after finishing second at Mister Olympia behind Hadi Choopan. And his victory seemed certain, he finished as runner-up to Samson Dauda. Now, he is asking fans to be respectful and stop criticizing the judges and other bodybuilders who competed on the show. (Mister Olympia: who is the new champion, Hadi Choopan).

            This is not the first time that judges have been questioned. After the 2022 Mr. Olympia, some comments were made about how the show played out during the last night Big Ramy won his second straight title. An important controversy since both experts and fans agreed that Choopan deserved the title ahead of the Egyptian bodybuilder.

            “Samson Dauda deserved the win, but I will come back stronger and better”

            “After the Arnold Classic I just want to thank my fans, you are the best. But let’s be more respectful with the judges, who did a good job, and with the rest of my rivals, who gave it their all on stage. Samson Dauda deserved the victory. And I will come back better than ever in the next competition”. (‘Nigerian lion’ Samson Dauda wins the 2023 Arnold Classic.)

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