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“Now at least Chillán and Ñuble sound in the elite fitness world” – La Discusión

Train in a sacred way. Go on a strict diet. Have an invisible training marked by discipline and commitment. Dream of glory and never give up.

The sports present of the bodybuilder from Chillanejo, Arturo Lagos, is marked by perseverance and the objectives achieved with a bulletproof dedication.

He demonstrated it a few days ago competing in Europe, representing Chillán and the Ñuble Region.

The athlete achieved fifth place in the Classic category of Mister Olympia, held in Portugal, a World Tournament that brought together the best exponents of fitness.

“I competed in the South American tournament held in Chile, I came in first place and that gave me the opportunity to compete in this tournament, the Mr Olympia Portugal, which is the largest event in Europe and brings together the best fitness exponents. I competed in the Classic category and was in the top 5 out of a total of 26 competitors, the level was very good”, comments Arturo Lagos, who points out that if it had not been for the support of many people, he would never be able to project his career in the at international level.

with key support

“Mainly thank my family, friends and colleagues. To my Escuela Las Acacias, to its director and colleagues. To the mayor Camilo Benavente and councillors, for making it possible for competitive sport to grow every day, now at least Chillán, Ñuble sounds a bit in the elite fitness world, on the other side of the world”, emphasizes Lagos, who will have a new competitive challenge.

“This is not over yet, I have one more Championship left in a week in Alicante Spain, I hope to take first place and thus we close the season this year”, reveals the athlete from Chillana who has been an example, together with his model and great exponent of local fitness, Gonzalo Munoz.

Arturo’s career has not been without its problems. Especially, in the middle of the pandemic, when the gyms closed and all competitions at the national, Pan-American and world levels were suspended.

“We went from being high-performance athletes to clandestine athletes, the bad guys in the movie, training hidden or with water cans at home so as not to interrupt planning,” revealed Arturo Lagos, who participated in the NPC international tournament at the time. WorldWide European Championship, after 13 years of preparation.

Now it will be in Alicante, Spain

Lagos, who is a physical education teacher at Las Acacias School, of the “Elige Vivir Sano” program, creator of Studio Fitness Chillán and a benchmark for bodybuilders from Chillán, from the Ñuble Region, in May he was crowned South American champion in the classic physique D category, confirming his great moment in the sport that continues to bring triumphs to the area, a title that earned him to compete in the Mister Olympia of Portugal.

“Bodybuilding is subjective, it’s like art, because the body is evaluated, but I always prepare to win and give my best on stage,” the bodybuilder who will be present in Alicante, Spain, has stressed as a philosophy of life. to rub shoulders with the best exponents in the world in their category.

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