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Once upon a physical transformation that ended in tragedy “because of steroids”

        With only 27 years, Gordon Ryan has quickly risen to fame as one of the most renowned athletes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.. With multiple ADCC and No-Gi world championships, along with a win at the Eddie Bravo Invitational, his accomplishments clearly demonstrate his ability. In addition, he enjoys a large following and admiration in the martial arts community.

        However, the sensational martial artist has recently sparked speculation among social media users about her remarkable weight loss and physical transformation. Being one of the most famous athletes in his specialty, with a dedicated following on social media, Ryan’s sudden change and transformation has raised blisters, and many wonder if he abused steroids.

        The famous YouTuber Derek, specialized in debunking “fake natty’s” and exposing the use of steroids in the world of bodybuilding, like the well-known bodybuilder Liver King, recently examined Ryan’s amazing transformation. In a video on the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel, she addressed concerns expressed by social media users. “That’s what happens when you abuse steroids.”

        Derek, known for his expertise in identifying steroid use, analyzed a photo from the martial artist’s health update, which showed his significant weight loss. The image drew attention on social media, with netizens quick to point to steroid abuse as the cause. However, the YouTuber cautioned against jumping to conclusions, stressing that the 5-time ADCC champion is not the only BJJ athlete who could use performance-enhancing substances.

        “The situation you’re in right now has little to nothing to do with it”Derek clarifies in the video. However, he stressed that the 27-year-old is not the only one who uses steroids and hinted that his current health problems might not be directly related to these substances.

        And what are those problems? ADCC world champion Gordon Ryan, known for his impressive physique, has frequently faced accusations of steroid use. However, in a transparent conversation, the athlete shared with his public the numerous health problems that have led him to be absent indefinitely from the competition. His problems began when he contracted a strep infection on a trip to Dubai. The antibiotics he was prescribed proved ineffective, resulting in a prolonged hospital stay with an ear infection.

        These health complications led to a flare-up of Ryan’s stomach ulcers, which caused him severe pain and additional weight loss. To make matters worse, he had tonsillitis surgery just a week before the photo in question. This recent operation returned him to a state similar to his early days as a competitor, which explains his change in appearance.

        Derek’s analysis sheds light on the complexity of the Gordon Ryan situation and urged viewers to consider the full context before making any assumptions.

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