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Our Best Tips For Dealing With Postpartum OCD

Coping with new parenthood and overcoming postpartum OCD through effective means like therapy, medication, self-care, and community support is a triumph in and of itself. However, for all of the items on your to-do list as a new parent, there are some items you should remember not to do (via Choosing Therapy). 

One of the things you should avoid during this time is giving in to self-deprecating and defeating thoughts, particularly about your progress and performance as a mother experiencing postpartum OCD. Placing judgment on yourself will only make the experience worse and potentially draw out the healing process, thus ultimately making the compounded experience of new parenthood with postpartum OCD more intense. 

Also, try to avoid becoming isolated by reaching out to your support network. Being at home with a newborn, especially when sleep deprived and feeling anxious, can make it easy to hole up and refrain from reaching out to others. However, this is one of the most important times to reach out to your community — for both practical help and opportunities to socialize with other adults — because even though your new baby is wonderfully adorable, having a conversation with another adult can be a welcome reprieve. 

Finally, don’t rush the healing process. Being patient with yourself, both mentally and physically, is key. Both your body and your emotions have been through a lot, to say the least, and being kind to yourself by practicing patience and allowing yourself to celebrate the small daily wins will ultimately lead to bigger wins.

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