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Paddy Noarbe’s trick to get to the summer with the body you want

Paddy Noarbe He is living a very sweet moment. The creator of the Paddyness method and CEO of Boddy, a swimwear firm, she marries the footballer Marcos Llorente this June 30, after ten years of relationship.

The trainer gave a fitness class a few days ago with the help of Aquaservicea bottled water distribution company with a dispenser, and this is what he told us about his sports method and how he takes care of himself.

Paddy Noarce teaching a class with rubber bands.

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– How do you take care of yourself from the moment you get up in the morning?

My routine starts with fasting. Before, I used to love eating breakfast and I couldn’t imagine fasting, but I tried it and it’s something that has added a lot to me and makes me feel super good, with a lot of energy, and makes my mornings much easier and gives me much more. What I do is have a tea: I am now superseded by Matcha tea, and I also take some probiotics for the digestive system. Then I almost always train on an empty stomach. Let’s say I start the day training, whether it’s doing a cardiovascular activity or I go to the gym, I push myself and I start my day at work.

– What kind of fasting do you do?

The fast that I usually do is 16/8, but it is not something absolute of 16 hours yes or yes, but I follow it naturally and adapted to my day to day. What I do is have lunch, dinner and sometimes having a snack, but I almost always have a meal until I’m full and then have dinner the same. I usually have dinner at 8:30 p.m. and then at around 1:30 p.m. or 2:30 p.m., then in the morning, I’m telling you, it goes a long way for me because I’ve tried many different forms of healthy habit diets until I got to this. I have tried eating five meals, six… and this is what has worked best for me, so I have been fasting for years now.

– Are you constantly exercising in the mornings?

I like to train in the morning because I feel amazing and because I know that when the day progresses I have already done it and there will be nothing to complicate it. So to ensure that moment I do it in the morning and face the day in a different way, because although it may seem otherwise, training gives us much more energy and it is very convenient for me to do it first thing in the day.

– How did you start in the world of fitness?

I have always played sports, the typical thing that your parents sign you up for after school… but when I really established it in my life was when I met my boyfriend, who is a soccer player, and I saw how good it is to take care of yourself, how good it is to train, how well he was… He gave me healthy envy and then he infected me naturally and right there, thanks to him, I discovered an online training method and I began to make them personalized and that, in the end, has become in my work and something that has a very important role in my life.

“You can cope with stress much better with a healthy lifestyle”

– A few years later you have created your own method. What does it consist of?

Paddyness are personalized plans that we adapt to each client according to the objectives they have, so you can take nutrition, training or both, and we advise you in the process. We have nutritionists and trainers and a training plan is made that they have to follow every day of the week and eat in a certain way. If you have intolerances or some disease, everything adapts and I believe that success lies there, worrying one by one. We have incorporated postpartum plans, also physical tests for oppositions…

– Is it online advice?

It’s online because that way we can reach a lot more people and, above all, since I work with social networks, this allowed me to reach my followers and help them in this part of their lives. Yes, it is true that with some clients who live in Madrid we have done face-to-face training and that is how I have met them, we have shared together… but since there are many people from abroad, from various parts of Europe, it is very optimal that it be online. In addition, every Tuesday I make a video call with them, to talk about what they need, answer questions, have updates…

– In general, is it hard to get hooked on fitness?

There are many people who need more willpower and it is complicated because when it is online, you do not have a person who is there telling you “you have to do it now” and who somehow pushes you, but rather you need a greater commitment to yourself himself and with us. When doing something so personalized, clients see it as an opportunity, and since you pay for this service, give it your all and commit. It is a challenge, so everyone has to find the way of taking care of themselves that best suits their personality and their moment in life.

– Is the training that we have enjoyed together with Aquaservice designed for all levels?

It is a training that can be adapted to any level because you can use bands of different intensities and do more or fewer repetitions. The goal is to reach your last repetition with your maximum effort.

– There are many who want to reach the summer with the desired body but without following good habits, right?

The trick to get to the body you want in summer is to be in the habit all year long because then you do crazy things in the summer of ‘now I’m going on a diet of I don’t know what’ in which you kill yourself with exercise and that’s not healthy nor does it take you to the physique you are looking for. The ideal is to set a realistic goal because then you have rebounds, that is, that is totally counterproductive. The key is to take care of yourself every day and for me the main objective is health because the physique then goes away and it’s not really that motivating to say ‘I want to have a super abdomen’. The best reward is how you find yourself with yourself because if you have stress at work, tiredness, family problems or any kind of problem, you can cope much better with a healthy lifestyle. It is important to have short-term goals, and that they are real and progressive.

– What training do you like to do because you enjoy it a lot?

For me, dancing is great fun, but this year I tried Pilates and it has been a great discovery because from the outside you see it as something very simple and even boring, that doesn’t demand so much of you, when it really is very demanding and very complete because you make strength but it has its beneficial part also for the heart. Not counting, of course, the flexibility and stretching part.

Have you ever been on a diet that worked for you?

The word diet has a negative connotation and I never use it. The plans that I have followed were very good because they are menus adapted to your needs and your quantities and it helped me a lot to see how much protein, carbohydrates, fats I have to eat… and get to know those quantities, the weights… Today I don’t weigh anything, everything is visual, but I already know myself very well and I know the amounts that are good for me and I trust my feelings like ‘hey, I’m full’. I lead a Paleolithic lifestyle, that is, my diet is based on the food that the earth gives us naturally and I avoid some cereals, I base everything on protein, carbohydrates and fats that animals give us, and also I eat fruits, tubers…

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