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Paula Vázquez dazzles with her heart attack silhouette in the presentation of ‘The Bridge of Lies’ at 48 years old

Paula Vázquez returns to TVE in style Hand in hand with a new program that promises to be one of the top contests of the summer. ‘The bridge of lies’ will have the participation of numerous celebrities In addition to being presented by the iconic Galician actress who, at 48 years old, boasts of a great guy who has left us speechless. After posting a carousel of images on Instagram a few days ago posing in a bikini and showing off her abs and ass with that much sought after effect push up From the coast of Galicia, now we see her in the photocalls of her new program more radiant than ever, making it clear that as the years go by she is more ideal.

Paula Vázquez (48) leaves us in shock with her hyper toned body

In case the bikini snapshots in networks had not made it clear that the figure of Paula Vázquez is capable of leaving anyone speechlessthe images taken in the presentation of the contest for TVE that will present soon: ‘The bridge of lies’, have been corroborated x3.

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The actress and presenter attended the event in a tight dress, showing off her silhouette, leaving evidence that the gym routines are paying off. And it is that having such a firm and toned body requires perseverance in training, as well as specific attention in certain areas such as the buttocks and abdomen.

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Work the core musculature It is essential to keep said area strong and show off a great guy like the presenter’s. We have no doubt that exercising abs and legs is essential in Paula Vázquez’s training. A mustlike these two routines from our trainer of the month that you can’t miss.

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