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Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose – Yoga Journal

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Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose – Yoga Journal

  1. The restorative model is greatest practiced with the non-aerial foot on the wall in order that the non-aerial leg will be stabilized with out an excessive amount of effort
  2. Begin in a Supine Tadasana with the toes on the wall and a bolster to the surface fo the correct hip
  3. Press the massive toe mounds into the wall to encourage the neutrality of the legs
  4. Take a strap with a small loop and place the loop across the ball of the correct foot
  5. Press the correct foot to the ceiling whereas utilizing the wall to softly resist the motion with the left leg
  6. Manually descend the correct hip down and in in the direction of the left foot as a way to carry symmetry again to the torso
  7. Hold for anyplace from just a few breaths to a few minutes, then thread the lengthy a part of the strap behind the neck from proper to left
  8. Hold the tip of the strap with the left hand and straighten the left arm out to the left, palm up, to make the strap taut
  9. Take an inhale then open the correct leg out to the facet for Supta Padangustasana 2
  10. Use the bolster beneath the correct outer thigh and left hand on the strap to regulate the opening in order that the stretch of the internal thigh is neither sudden nor intense
  11. Keep utilizing the left foot on the wall to softly keep the resistance of the left thigh
  12. Hold for anyplace from just a few breaths to a few minutes, then, use an exhale to recommit to the rootedness of the left thigh and on an inhale carry the correct leg again to heart
  13. Release and repeat on the opposite facet

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