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Reduce waist and flatten abdomen at 50: Do 2 effective exercises WITHOUT jumping

Do you want to have a flat abdomen but you don’t love routines with multiple jumps? This training of only 2 exercises is ideal for you because it will help you reduce waist sizes and reduce inflammation and tone the belly WITHOUT jumping and from your home. You can do the routine in the morning or in the afternoon for 30 minutes and in a few days you will notice changes.

Reduce waist and achieve flat abdomen at 50 with 2 exercises

Before doing the routine remember to make a heating brief to prepare the muscles and avoid injuries. Likewise, combine training with a balanced diet with meals rich in protein, vegetables and cereals. Do not forget to drink water to improve your digestion and see better results in the flat abdomen.

Exercise 1

Step 1

  • lie on your side right
  • Stretch the arm right
  • Place the hand left on the nape
Exercise to mark abdomen | YouTube / gymvirtual

Step 2

  • Head up without take off your body from the ground and without removing the hand that supports the nape of the neck
  • repeat the motion 30 times in 3 sets of 10
  • This will help reduce sizes waist
  • do the series On each side
Exercise to reduce waist
Exercise to reduce waist | YouTube / gymvirtual

Exercise 2

Step 1

  • put mouth below
  • Stretch the legs
  • Stretch the arms
  • keep the balance
Mark the abdomen after 50
Mark the abdomen after 50 | YouTube / gymvirtual

Step 2

  • carefully turn slightly your body to one side
  • Stay on your hand and your feet sideways
  • Stretch the arm upwards
  • Put it down and go back to the position from step #1
  • Repeat the exercise 15 times of each side
Daily routine to achieve impact body
Daily routine to achieve impact body | YouTube / gymvirtual

In addition to reducing waist sizes, in both exercises you will be flattening your abdomen. do this routine of 2 exercise for after 50 and sporting a toned body.

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