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Sascha Fitness brand products are authorized to be marketed in Ecuador, rectifies the ARCSA

The National Agency for Sanitary Regulation, Control and Surveillance (ARCSA) reported this Wednesday, June 5, that SASCHA brand dietary supplements do not have a sanitary registry in Colombia and that, therefore, their consumption represents a risk for citizens.

The warning was issued after the verification of an alert issued by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance of Colombia, a country in which said products of the influencer Sascha Fitness they are also marketed and promoted.

When reviewing the databases of the General Technical Coordination of Certifications, ARCSA indicated that the consumables do not have a health notification in the category of Food supplements; that is, they are not registered in Colombia.

However, at approximately 3:00 p.m. that same day, the regulatory agency published a message in which it rectified its information about the products, clarifying that they did have a valid health notification that would authorize their trade in Ecuador.

The influencer Sascha Barboza has rejected the alerts issued by regulatory agencies through messages on Twitter that the products are only exported to countries under the required permits and standards.

At the beginning of June, The influencer involved denied operating without a sanitary registry in Colombia and said that in the country “there is a lot of resale” and “people who buy on my page, send by locker and then Colombia takes them and it does not take permissions or anything” adding that its “products They are made in the United States in laboratories that have absolutely all the permits and standards”.

“When we export with our official distributors, we bring to the country the products legally under the permits and standards required by said countries”, he explained through his Twitter account.

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