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Sasha Calle and her fitness routine to transform into Supergirl

With the premiere of Flashthe actress of Colombian descent, sasha street, has not stopped impressing us with her beauty, style and of course, with her incredible role. Her interpretation of Supergirl in the DC Comics movie is more than we dreamed of, but becoming a world-class superhero was no easy feat.

In our exclusive cover interview with Glamour, Calle revealed some of the rigorous physical workouts that led to her transformation into the iconic heroine, from strength and stamina exercises to how she pulled off the amazing stunts, and we dig deeper and bring it all to you! detail!

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For seven months, sasha street gave himself completely to his physical preparation to assume the role of Supergirl. ‘I had training 2 hours a day, 5 times a week for 7 months and I was with the action team. I had to do stretching more or less between 20 and 30 minutes a day,’ says the actress.

These stretching exercises were guided by highly trained instructors, and allowed Calle to prepare her muscles and increase your flexibility for the shooting of this exciting film.

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This intensive training allowed the actress to obtain an impact figure.


Cardio also played a key role in his preparation. sasha street incorporated the jump rope in your routine to improve your cardiovascular endurance and stay in shape. This high-impact activity helped strengthen his legs and increase his aerobic capacitypreparing her for the demanding action scenes that would require great physical stamina.

strength exercises

The actress also focused on the strength exercises in the gym. He worked on strengthening his body through weight lifting and resistance training. These allowed him to tone his muscles and gain the necessary tone to perform the stunts and fight scenes that Supergirl demands.


Did you know gymnastics was an integral part of the transformation of sasha street? With the help of a safety harness, she practiced cartwheels and stunts on different platforms to familiarize herself with the feeling of flying and moving through the air. These exercises helped her feel comfortable and confident in playing a character with superhuman abilities.


Finally, sasha street he plunged into the world of boxing. This discipline allowed him to develop combat skills and learn self defense techniques. Boxing not only provided him with an excellent form of exercise, but also helped him understand the determination and mental toughness needed to face challenges and overcome obstacles, just as he does Supergirl in the film.

There is no doubt that the passion and commitment of sasha street with his fitness routine have resulted in an impressive performance on the big screen!

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