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Sergio Parra and Nora Köppel will give a Master Class at Fitness Point

The Fitness Point Gym (Av. San Martín 823) in the city of 9 de Julio offers important training next Saturday, July 22. This is the Master Class, Olympic Weightlifting by Sergio Parra and Nora Köppel, with extensive experience in three Olympic Games, who work as directors and teachers at ENADE.
Sergio Martín Parra is a Physical Education Professor and Olympic Lifting Coach and together with Olympic lifter Nora Köppel they competed in the Sydney 2000 – Athens 2004 – Beijing 2008 Games. Köppel was also a world masters champion.
The Fitness Point Coordinator, Prof. Fabricio Bollini stressed that “we are proud to have professionals with such a long history. We feel comforted that our teachers can train with Parra and Köppel».
Bollini clarified that in addition to the Fitness Point teachers, sports trainers, physical trainers, athletes of all levels and the general public may join. Quotas are limited.
* Training to improve sports performance.
* Teaching methodology of classical exercises.
* Correction of technical errors.
* Sports trainers.
* Physical trainers.
* Athletes of all levels.
* General public.
Those interested can contact for more information or registration by going to Fitness Point or by Whats App 02317 15-44-6665.

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