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Sergio Ramos and his brutal training to get ready for the new season

After two seasons in Paris, Sergio Ramos seems that he will not continue behind Paris Saint-Germain. With this, the central defender seeks new horizons in which to meet his goals. After the arrival of new contract offers, Sergio Ramos becomes a transferable player in Paris making new clubs want to take over his services. A central defender with history, a living legend of modern football, he doesn’t need arguments to show who he is and his personal and collective achievements back him up perfectly.

Sergio Ramos looking for new challenges

At the moment, Sergio Ramos is not worried about his football future, his mind, as we can see in the video recently published on his personal IG account, She is focused on getting to the possible preseason of her next team in the best way. Rumors are being heard about his possible arrival at Sevilla, which would be perfect for the footballer’s liking for continuing in European football, although if he signs for the Andalusian club, perhaps he should win the love of the fans again after some quarrels and disagreements with the Seville stands in his Madrid days.

What is certain and without a doubt is that Sergio Ramos at 37 years old occupies covers all over the world, he is like a real bull. It is not the first time that we see Sergio Ramos squeeze his muscles, he gives his all even on dates of the April Fair.


Sergio Ramos is on fire

His enviable physique has always been one of his hallmarks on and off the field. His toughness, charisma and honor make many teams want him in their ranks, either for his enthusiasm, effort and dedication to the sport. With this training routine, he squeezes his muscles with an eye on the next seasonSo far we do not know its fate, but whoever gets hold of this physical and sporting jewel will surely not regret it at all. If I were a coach, Sergio Ramos would be the fundamental sign in my team.

Your training routine Based on running with a ballast, on a treadmill or a series of pull-ups, he makes it clear how incredible his physical tone is and the desire with which he wants to continue making football history, nothing stops this incredible monster!

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