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Shania Twain says nude photoshoot ‘changed everything’

Shania Twain reflects on body insecurities ahead of nude photoshoot. (Photo: Getty Images)

Shania Twain stripped down for herself and nobody else.

The 57-year-old country singer has been making headlines since sharing a topless photo she took for her single “Waking Up Dreaming” in September. And while the media has been abuzz over her expression of body confidence for the Queen of Me album, Twain provided a reminder that it was never just about getting a good picture.

“It’s not like I’m trying to show my nakedness to the world. I’m trying to show that the confidence in your own nakedness is necessary,” she told Extra.

The message is deep for Twain, particularly as she reflected on the insecurities that she faced when she was younger.

“I’ve been very shy about my body from a very young age, I mean to the point where I would not go to the beach in a bathing suit,” she said. “I would say probably really tortured by it from the age of 10 on.”

Twain explained that she was 30 years old by the time that she had her first big radio hit. She used her growing platform to explore “stepping out of my daily self” and “making decisions that gave me this freedom to do things I wouldn’t normally do in my daily life,” like going braless in the “You’re Still the One” video.

“It was really a genuine feeling of ‘Man! I Feel like a Woman!'” she explained.

For her latest album art, she’s pushed her boundaries even further.

“Nudity is a whole other thing,” Twain said. “For me, it meant can I look at myself in the mirror with the lights on? Now, I’m really looking at myself and going, ‘OK, things are sagging, I’ve got dimples and all kinds of things that I don’t want to really show off.’ … So I do this naked photoshoot. And it changed everything for me.”

Twain has spoken out about the impact the photos have had on her self-confidence. She’s also thrilled to share that message. “I’m a woman that is comfortable in her own skin,” she said.

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