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Silvia Abril (52) shows off her abs in a bikini and we know how she got them

The name of Silvia Abril is linked to humor. Her skits, her monologues, and witty appearances by her on various shows (even when she takes center stage as host) have contributed to that direct relationship. And it is precisely that sharpness, that spark, that probably prevents you from seeing your most fitness facet. Yes, yes, at 52 years old, the gluten-intolerant actress and comedian who made visible, with her example, like women with celiac disease, as they point out some doctors, were at increased risk of miscarriage, has been sharing a little more of her daily life with little pills over the past few years. One where, as she already remarked with the publication of her cookbook ‘How I like it: my healthy recipes to be happy’, she tries to do not miss a good diet and yes, exercise. In view is his latest publication.

Dome Books The way I like it: My healthy recipes to be happy

Dome Books The way I like it: My healthy recipes to be happy

With his usual dose of humorthe actress and presenter Silvia Abril shared a small video on her Instagram profile in which she remarked with powerful yellow glasses and a pink bikini -very much in the barbiecore trend- that he was on vacation.

An apparently casual video with which it is easy to smile and with which, incidentally, she has allowed us to see her slender abdomen.

This is how she takes care of and enhances her silhouette Silvia Abril at 52 years old

Beyond showing us that yogurt is not usually missing from her menu, unlike other famous faces over 40 who are fitter than ever, it is not usual to see Silvia Abril share the workouts she does with her followers – because yes, friends, genetics helps, but a slender, toned and defined abdomen is worked-.

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Now, he does share that he tries to take care of his diet so that it is as balanced as possible. After all, as he qualified in several interviews for different media, nuts, red fruits and avocado are not usually missing. Like the exercise.

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How to get a toned abdomen

Now, if you’ve been like goal to show off a toned abdomenregardless of whether you follow the example of Silvia Abril including these foods in your diet, our trainer of the month has devised a routine with which to enhance and define the belly even more is possible if you create that routine. Go for it!

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Headshot of Marina Vazquez

Marina Vázquez is a writer, an expert in nutrition, mental health and healthy living. There is no recipe that resists it, even more so since the arrival of the air fryer to your kitchen which allows you to cook and make healthier recipes. Now, although finding ideas for healthy desserts that sweeten his day is one of his passions, style is not far behind.

Journalist from the Complutense University of Madrid, throughout his career he has been part of multiple headlines on more lifestyle themes such as Marie Claire or Vanitatis where, among other tasks, he has been in charge of writing the latest trends seen in the street style.

He does not miss the latest training sessions of celebrities such as Rosalía, Georgina Rodríguez or Penélope Cruz. Well, before defined arms, firm legs or a toned abdomen, there she is to find out about the exercises that put celebrities in shape.

Marina Vázquez is one of those who does not resist trying a new cosmetic, who snacks seasons in an afternoon and who is always in a hurry to add another series to the routine, but they arrive on time.

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