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Smart Fit or Bodytech? This is the chain of gyms with the most affiliates in the country

The fitness industry in Latin America proves to be a dynamic terrain for the regional economy. According to Statista, the fitness industry receives revenues of up to US$2,000 million in the year.

In the region, Brazil leads the income with the greatest number of activities associated with sports and personal care, obtaining income of US$2,1000; It is followed by Mexico, which obtained US$1,800; Argentina, with US$1,000 and Colombia, fourth, US$376 million.

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In Colombia, the most popular and largest in the country by number of affiliates have more than 400,000 people on average. Smart Fit leads, with more than 280,000 users, and is followed by Bodytech, with 180,000.

One of the most recognized is Smart Fit, the Brazilian gym chain that recorded a 20% growth in the number of locations in Colombia during 20222. This promotes personalized experiences such as ‘Smart Park’, ‘Smart Strong’ and new experiences in the ‘Cycling’ rooms such as virtual guided training and competitions.

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“By 2023, the organization aims to open more ‘Smart Park’ nationwide and launch new products such as ‘Smart Strong,’” says David Raya, manager of Smart Fit.

Bodytech is a more exclusive service that includes wet areas and sports medicine training, invitations from friends at various venues, and semi-personalized private classes.. Gym membership starts at $895,000 a year, and includes clinical evaluation and ‘InDoor’ experiences.

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Fitforall’s therapeutic sessions are the plus of this chain of gyms. The membership, which starts at $119,000 per month, includes massages and follow-up with sports medicine.

follows him Stark with his collective group classes with professionals from all over Latin America. It also has full presence throughout the territory and annual membership can be obtained from $419,000.

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Finally, Actioness Fitness appears, which has an annual membership starting at $1 million, and group, collective and personalized classes with therapeutic follow-up.

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