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SOL PÉREZ showed his training look: tiny bikers and a knotted shirt, the photos

No matter the occasion Sol Perez he always stands out for his playful, flashy and bold style. The former weather girl often delights her huge Instagram audience with sultry fashion takedowns, from micro bikinis to urban and party outfits.

In the last few hours, the panelist shared a video on her Instagram account where she shows herself doing her training routine with a looks fitness very canchero in blue tones.

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The details? She wore a set of XXS bikers tight to the body and wide short-sleeved shirt tied at the back.

She completed the outfit with gray trainers, matching tights and a hairstyle pulled into a tight, high ponytail, perfect for working out comfortably.

Sol Pérez with a sporty look. (Video: Instagram/@lasobrideperez).

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