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Solidarity spirit of the swimmers of the Suma Fitness Club Alfafar

During the challenge week, a screen was placed in the pool that showed the results that, in real time, the swimmers of the Suma Fitness Club Alfafar were achieving. All this thanks to the technology of the Nagi Smartpool company that monitors the swimming data of all users while they are swimming, providing them with all their training statistics.

Suma members took on the challenge of the solidarity initiative based on the fact that for every 2,000 meters swum in the pool they would donate 1 kg of food. Finally, after a week of collective effort, the result has been spectacular: more than a million meters swum and… more than 500 kilograms of food obtained!

With this solidarity and sports action, the Suma gym chain and Nagi Smartpool have donated all the food to the Food Bank of Valencia, an association belonging to the network of Food Banks in Spain that fights daily to cover the food needs of more than 60,000 people in the province of Valencia.

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