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Stray Dog’s Special Day at the Fire Station Is Giving People the Feels

If you ask us, every dog should feel safe, loved, and special. Even stray pups and shelter dogs deserve care and comfort, so we love how @doglifewithbrett and his firefighter colleagues didn’t hesitate to spoil the stray pup who came to their station.

The sweet Pit Bull connected with the firefighters immediately, and he enjoyed a special day of pampering with his new friends. Between playtime, nap time, and all the treats–he couldn’t have had a better time! Just a little bit of love can do so much for a dog.

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Aww! This pittie pup seems like the happiest guy, and he makes the perfect addition to this firefighting team. He seemed to take an interest in the trucks, too! It’s no wonder why so many commenters hoped to see him around the station more often.

@Binturongstrong suggested that Brett, “Petition to have the stray be the new fire station dog! #ThatsMyFireDog.” What a great idea! There’s even a hashtag for this campaign ready to go, and it sounds like Brett already pitched the idea, too.

He responded, “if this blows up I’ll show my chief.” It’s a deal! Considering that this video is already at 2 million views, we’d say it ‘blew up,’ wouldn’t you? Though there’s no word whether the chief has seen the video, there is even more exciting news to report.

This stray pup is now a rescued pup! Brett commented to give everyone the incredible update, explaining that someone from the fire department’s service station decided to give ‘Blaze’ his forever home. So, while the sweet Pit Bull may not be the official firehouse dog, he will get to be their buddy forever!

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