“Stronger Than Most Men”: Gym Girl’s Impressive Lat Muscle Transformation Leaves Fitness Community Stunned

Lately, the bodybuilding world has witnessed a new trend where female bodybuilders reveal their workout routines. Chiming in on this trend, female bodybuilder Michaela Peramaki shared her impressive lat transformation on TikTok. The latissimus dorsi muscle, or lat muscle, is the broad, flat muscle covering the better part of the lower posterior thorax. This muscle facilitates the movement of the shoulder joint. Growing the lat muscle is one of the toughest parts while training. However, with her consistency, Peramaki proved that, though difficult, it isn’t impossible.

Looking at the stark difference in her physique, fans couldn’t help but praise the bodybuilder for the development. The video was well-received in the community and shared multiple times.

Michaela Peramaki flexes her latissimus dorsi muscle growth


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Retired pole vaulter and physical therapist student, Michaela Peramaki recently shared her lat transformation on TikTok. Peramaki compiled two clips featuring her before and after training body. She alleges that the transformation is a result of consistent training that stretched over two years. Adding a caption to her video, she wrote, “POV: You never skipped back day for 2 years.” 

In both the clips, Peramaki donned a set of similar black short co-ord sets. The video impressed the viewers and has received more than 44.4k likes on the platform. Fans also flooded the comments section with encouraging words.


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Bodybuilding world amazed by the spectacular transformation

Comparing Peramaki with men, one fan wrote, “Stronger than most men😳.” Taking the imagination to another level, another fan commented, “You don’t need a plane anymore! You can fly places with those lats ✈.” A third fan added, “even the first clip is absolute goals!!! you’re insaaaaaneeeeee!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥.” Bowled by the change, one fan commented, “That’s actually fuc*in insane 😭good shi*.” Hyping her up, one fan complimented, “This is the most attractive part of a girl’s body i swear 🔥.”


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Stunned by the transformation, one fan penned, “good gracious back is bodacious.” Some fans have been a part of her journey for a long time now. One such fan wrote, “🥰🥰wow🥰🥰you are getting even bigger than I remember a few months ago🥰🥰it is so beautiful how much you are improving🥰🥰.” 

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In recent times, just like Peramaki, many other female bodybuilders have shocked the internet with their transformation. This trend has contributed to spreading body positivity across the internet.

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