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Surprise Mom with These Homemade Mother’s Day Cookies

35 Gift-Worthy Cookies for Mother’s DayWill Dickey

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There are a million and one ways to show your love on Mother’s Day, so you can’t really go wrong. There are, of course, great gifts for mom that you can wrap up and pair with a funny Mother’s Day card. But if you really want to put a smile on your mom’s face, a batch of delicious Mother’s Day cookies will bring your gift game to the next level.

Homemade cookies for Mother’s Day are one of the best presents, not only because they’re a great activity you can do together, but the time spent making them shows an extra level of thought and care. And if she lives far away, a small package of these baked goods is a festive treat you can have delivered right to her door. These recipes include classics that mom undoubtedly loves, like oatmeal cookies, 7-layer bars, and buttery pecan sandies. Plus, a few of the most popular Pioneer Woman’s cookies ever (hello,

Everyone knows that the best Mother’s Day gift is the one that comes from the heart—whether that means writing her a sweet Mother’s Day card or baking her a batch of homemade cookies. Heck, you can even do both! Just package them up in a box with ribbon and deliver them with your heartfelt Mother’s Day message. Of course, all of these cookies would be just as delicious when served at your Mother’s Day brunch. Just choose from cute spring cookies, like lemon crinkle cookies or Linzer cookies shaped like pretty flowers, or try one of the comforting classic recipes, like iced oatmeal cookies, ahead. Either way, she’ll be feeling the love when freshly baked cookies emerge from the oven.

Here, you’ll find cookies made for enjoying anytime of day—yep, even for breakfast! Bake up a batch of wholesome cookies filled with oats, seeds, and dried fruit for a quick morning bite with her cup of coffee; or go all out with glazed cinnamon roll cookies for a decadent brunch at home. If your mother is more of an afternoon tea drinker, the cutest-ever Italian peach cookies absolutely must be on the menu! They’re each filled with peach buttercream—a frosting you’ll also find dolloped on our favorite Mother’s Day cupcakes and homemade Mother’s Day cake ideas. Heck, set up a whole table of her favorite Mother’s Day desserts, cookies included.

Pink and White Cookies

For a cute twist on the classic black-and-white cookies, these homemade treats take pretty in pink to a whole new level. The glaze is simply made using pink food coloring.

Get Ree’s Pink and White Cookies recipe.

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pink and white cookies

Ryan Liebe

Lemon White Chocolate Truffles

Made with crushed vanilla sandwich cookies, cream cheese, and lemon extract, these truffles look fancy, but they’re surprisingly easy to whip up. The sweet white chocolate coating is perfect for balancing out the tartness from the lemon.

Get Ree’s Lemon White Chocolate Truffles recipe.

lemon white chocolate truffles

David Malosh

Nutella Cookies

Chocolate lovers will appreciate these five-ingredient cookies. Just grab a jar of Nutella, eggs, brown sugar, flour, and chocolate chips, and start baking!

Get the Nutella Cookies recipe.

nutella cookies

Caitlin Bensel

Millionaire’s Shortbread

Make Mom feel like a million bucks with these decadent shortbread cookies. The layers of rich caramel and chocolate are a winning combination.

Get the Millionaire’s Shortbread recipe.

millionaires shortbread

Danielle Daly

Linzer Cookies

Not just for the holidays! These jam-filled cookies can be made any time of year. Just use flower-shaped cookie cutters to make them perfect for spring.

Get the Linzer Cookies recipe.

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linzer cookies

Hector Manuel Sanchez

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

It doesn’t get more cheerful than a lemon dessert! These cookies have all that bright, citrusy flavor that will make Mom smile, especially if you serve it up with a glass of lemonade.

Get the Lemon Crinkle Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies lemon crinkle cookies recipe

Caitlin Bensel

Peanut Butter Cookies

These old-school peanut butter cookies might remind you of the kind your mom made as a kid—criss-cross pattern and all! All the more reason to bake them up for Mother’s Day this year.

Get the Peanut Butter Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies peanut butter cookies

Caitlin Bensel

Italian Peach Cookies

From the sparkling sugar and pastel colors on the outside to the peach buttercream filling on the inside, these cookies are truly impressive. They’ll look like a beautiful gift when wrapped up in mini baking cups.

Get the Italian Peach Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies italian peach cookies

Will Dickey

Espresso Biscotti

If your mom is a fan of coffee desserts, she’ll love these homemade biscotti cookies that are infused with espresso! Just be sure she knows to dunk them in her coffee for even more coffee flavor.

Get the Espresso Biscotti recipe.

mothers day cookies espresso biscotti

Will Dickey

Breakfast Cookies

Whether you serve them as breakfast-in-bed or breakfast-on-the-go, these cookies are sure to be a hit. And since they have healthy ingredients involved, Mom will be happy to eat cookies for breakfast!

Get the Breakfast Cookies recipe.

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mothers day cookies breakfast cookies

Caitlin Bensel

Lemon Shortbread Cookies

These buttery, lemony shortbread cookies are melt-in-your-mouth good! They have a lovely simple glaze on top that gives them even more fresh citrus flavor.

Get the Lemon Shortbread Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies lemon shortbread cookies

C. W. Newell

PB and J Ice Cream Sandwich

What could be better than a freshly baked cookie on Mother’s Day? Two freshly baked cookies sandwiching a scoop of ice cream! These will be a hit with everyone.

Get the PB and J Ice Cream Sandwich recipe.

mothers day cookies pb and j ice cream sandwich

Caitlin Bensel


This crisp wafer cookies are just are tasty as they are fun! Enjoy ’em with a dusting of powdered sugar or use two to make an epic ice cream sandwich.

Get the Pizzelle recipe.

mothers day cookies pizzelle recipe

Caitlin Bensel

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Every meal deserves something sweet, including Mother’s Day brunch. This is just the right kind of cookie. Why? Because they look and taste just like cinnamon rolls.

Get the Cinnamon Roll Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies cinnamon roll cookies

Will Dickey

Cowboy Cookies

What are cowboys cookies, you ask? Just a delightful riff conn chocolate chip cookies with tasty mix-ins that Mom will love, including pecans, coconut, and cinnamon.

Get the Cowboy Cookies recipe.

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mothers day cookies cowboy cookies

Caitlin Bensel

Heart Cookies

These cookies are perfect for showing Mom how much you love her! The pretty pink icing will make her smile and the wonderfully tender sugar cookie will warm her heart.

Get the Heart Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies heart cookies

Caitlin Bensel

No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Even kids can make this cookie recipe with a helping hand! With just five minutes of prep time and less than an hour to set, you can make Mom no-bake oatmeal cookies to enjoy with her afternoon tea or coffee.

Get the No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies nobake chocolate oatmeal cookies

Caitlin Bensel

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Calling all peanut butter fans! There’s truly no better flavor combo than rich, creamy peanut butter and gooey chocolate topped with flaky sea salt.

Get the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

mothers day cookies peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Will Dickey

Danish Butter Cookies

These classic cookies might be simple, but they’re so tasty—especially when topped with sweet and crunchy white sparkling sugar.

Get the Danish Butter Cookies recipe.

danish butter cookies on plate with jug of milk in back

Will Dickey

Iced Oatmeal Cookies

A super duo of molasses and dark brown sugar makes these pretty oaty cookies chewy and soft. The dip of icing also adds just the right touch of sweetness.

Get the Iced Oatmeal Cookies recipe.

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mothers day cookies iced oatmeal cookies

Caitlin Bensel

Butterscotch Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Add a sweet and salty twist to these classic chewy chocolate chunk cookies by mixing in butterscotch chips and topping them with flaky sea salt. It’s the perfect combination!

Get the Butterscotch Chocolate Chunk Cookies recipe.

butterscotch chocolate chunk cookies on wire rack

Maria Lichty / The Pioneer Woman

Carrot Cake Cookies

These cookies are everything you love about wholesome, comforting carrot cake in an adorable bite-sized treat. Mom will love them and so will you!

Get the Carrot Cake Cookies recipe.

carrot cake cookies with cream cheese frosting

Will Dickey

Lemon Bars

These lemon bars are made just the way Ree likes them— with a thick cookie base! They’re buttery, crumbly, and so bright.

Get Ree’s Lemon Bars recipe.

lemon bars on teal background

con poulos

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Chocolate and peanut butter are a classic duo. Just like you and your mom! You can keep these simple or roll the dough in granulated sugar before baking for something extra-sweet.

Get the Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies recipe.

peanut butter blossom cookies on sheet pan

Will Dickey

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Any chocolate lover will go crazy for this classic, fudgy cookie. To make them even richer, this recipe calls for melted chocolate in the dough.

Get Ree’s Chocolate Crinkle Cookies recipe.

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chocolate crinkle cookies with cup of coffee

Will Dickey

Butterfly Sugar Cookies

What could be more spring than a flurry of butterflies? To recreate this marbled pattern, food coloring is swirled in icing on the wings of these butterfly cookies.

Get Ree’s Butterfly Sugar Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies like butterfly sugar cookies on a metal plate

con poulos

Almond-Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry jam gives these almond cookies a pop of color, but you can also use any jam your mom likes best!

Get Ree’s Almond-Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies recipe.

almond raspberry thumbprint cookies on metal tray red background

Johnny Miller

Coffee Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Wake Mom up with her coffee fix in cookie form! These are as good (if not better) than her daily cup of joe. Think gooey chocolate, aromatic coffee, and a drizzle of sweet vanilla glaze.

Get Ree’s Coffee Chocolate Chunk Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies coffee chocolate chunk cookies

Ralph Smith

Citrus Butter Cookies

These bright cookies get their citrusy flavor from orange, lemon, and lime zest in both the cookie dough and the icing.

Get Ree’s Citrus Butter Cookies recipe.

citrus butter cookies on wire rack

The Pioneer Woman

Ree’s Favorite Sugar Cookies

Ree’s favorite sugar cookies are the most popular Pioneer Woman cookie, and they’ll be your Mom’s too! This recipe was given to Ree by the late Sally Holcomb, a beloved member of her small-town church, and they will melt in your mouth.

Get Ree’s Favorite Sugar Cookies recipe.

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mothers day cookies sugar cookies

Danielle Daly

Pecan Sandies

You and your mom will have a blast pressing savory pecans into these buttery, crumbly, old-fashioned pecan sandies. Plus, they have just a hint of sweet for any moms who don’t like a sugar overload.

Get the Pecan Sandies recipe.

mothers day cookies pecan sandies

Will Dickey


Is it a brownie? Is it a cookie? It’s the best of both worlds! These bad boys are part fudgy brownie, part chewy chocolate chip cookie. Just make sure to prep all the ingredients ahead of time to make baking a breeze.

Get the Brookies recipe.

mothers day cookies brookies

Will Dickey

Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

No one can resist the rich chocolate cake and gooey chocolate glaze on top of Ree’s crazy popular Texas sheet cake. That’s why we turned them into cookies, too! If your mom loves cookies and cakes, she’ll adore this classic treat.

Get Ree’s Texas Sheet Cake Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies texas sheet cake cookies

Brian Woodcock

Cake Mix Cookies

Celebrate Mom with a festive cookie! Topped with rainbow sprinkles, cake mix cookies make any celebration feel like a party.

Get the Cake Mix Cookies recipe.

mothers day cookies from cake mix

Will Dickey

Oreo Truffles

If you really want to impress Mom, try these decadent oreo truffles. And if you don’t want to turn on the oven on a warm May day, no problem! Lucky for you, these cuties are an easy no-bake dessert.

Get Ree’s Oreo Truffles recipe.

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mothers day cookies oreo truffles

Brian Woodcock

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