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Surviving the dinner time load shedding slot: 4 tips to ensure you still get those nutritious meals

Surviving the dinnertime load shedding slot.

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  • The dinner time load shedding slot may be one of the worst as it could stand in the way of you preparing a healthy meal for your family.
  • In cases like these, it’s important to plan, so make sure you keep track of your load shedding schedule so you’re never caught off guard.
  • With that in mind, you could do a couple of other things, like investing in a small gas stove and bringing out the braai if you’re in a pinch.

There’s nothing worse than getting home from a long day of work to load shedding. Just like that, the delicious and nutritious meal you had planned is out the window, and you’re left relying on unhealthy takeaways for the night.

With a bit of planning, though, this situation can be avoided. The Herbal Life team shares 4 tips for surviving the dinner time load shedding slot.

1. Invest in a quality flask 

Flasks can keep your hot water warm for hours, which means that you can still enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea after a long day, even if you don’t have electricity. Hot water can also be used for instant soups, which is a tasty and warm snack.

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2. Bring out the braai

South Africans don’t need an excuse to braai, but if you’re searching for one, load shedding is it. A braai can be very versatile, allowing you to cook meat, veggies, toasted sandwiches and more.

3. Keep your pantry stocked with basic, ready-to-eat snacks

If you’re waiting out nighttime load shedding, make sure you keep some healthy snacks on hand. This will stop you from reaching for junk food while you wait for the power to return so you can cook dinner. Make sure you always have a variety of high-protein ready-to-eat snacks that you can munch on between meals. 

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4. Get a small gas or camping hob 

A small gas or camping hob can be a budget-friendly long-term solution to that dreaded dinner time load shedding slot. This will allow you to cook your meals as planned, even when the electricity goes off. Purchasing a stove-top kettle will also ensure that you are never caught without boiling water for a nice cup of tea or coffee.

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