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Ten minutes of exercise with weight improves the day and the body

Do workouts to work the whole body It is essential, especially if we do not want to be unbalanced. And it happens to many women who focus more on the buttocks and abdomen and pay little attention to the rest of the body. However, other areas such as the arms and back are also important to work on.

This the Twins Pin ( @gemelas_pin ) know it, and for this reason they propose a ‘full body’ routine this week with which to exercise the whole body. In addition, for this routine it is necessary to use dumbbells, which provides even more benefits due to the strength practice that it incorporates.

The routine is made up of four series of four exercises, with 12 repetitions of each of them and a minute of rest between rounds.

This activity was recorded at the facilities of The Corporate Gym .

Exercise 1. Swing with dumbbell

As if it were an American kettlebell swing, we are facing an oscillating movement with which we are going to carry, in this case, the dumbbell above the head. It is important to maintain contact with the hip throughout the journey and that it is the posterior part of the body (lumbar, gluteus and femoral) that pushes and accelerates the dumbbell.

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