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The 360º SportFit fitness magazine provides information on nutrition, training and everything in the sports environment

The latest report on the economic impact of sport in Spain, prepared by the Fundación España Activa and the consulting firm PwC, shows that this industry contributes 3.3% of GDP and generates 414,000 jobs in the country. To this extent, different private or government-affiliated institutions have generated strategies to improve these indicators, since the trends show greater interest of users in improving their lifestyles through sports and a balanced diet.

Among these organizations, the digital database stands out Sportalis, which gathers up-to-date information on the profiles of trainers, fitness instructors and free time monitors, available to provide their services in different cities. Also, through the magazine 360° fitness SportFit, fulfills the purpose of training and updating in nutrition and training for professionals in the sector.

Magazine to reinforce knowledge

Sportalis has almost 5,000 registered experts, with studies and certifications in bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and diploma degrees verified by the European qualifications framework, to guarantee the suitability of the data and offer security to users and employers. With 360° magazine fitness SportFit on a monthly basis, this group has the opportunity to improve their work proposals to clients who need to hire them through the portal.

For example, issue 51 published in May of this year highlights the MuscleWiki application that provides video tutorials to care for and tone muscles; Also, share tips on the use of citrus and its health benefits.

Meanwhile, version 40 has been recognized as one of the most widely read, containing data on supplements and their relevance to competitions in any discipline. Likewise, it informs about the creation of informative bulletins and what they mean for the plans of marketing in the clubs, considered the starting point to increase work in the sector.

In general it is a media that since 2017 has conducted interviews, reports and special reports from major events such as the Olympic Games; the practice of exercise in a condition of disability and its physical, mental and emotional implications. Also, it has been a reference in the sports psychological component, the management of sexuality, the guides for the application of diets, etc.

Affiliations and agreements

Sportalis is affiliated to the European Association of Fitness, Aerobics and Sports (EAFAS), an entity that seeks to improve people’s quality of life effectively and safely, through the regular practice of physical activity.

The institution offers training on-line in research, innovation and development, with courses and seminars such as activities guided by music, personalized training, nutrition and dietetics, first aid for instructors fitnessetc.

It is important to mention that professionals registered in the Sportalis database can access the Association’s programs, which also bases its educational content on the 360° Fitness SportFit magazine.

The 360º SportFit fitness magazine provides information on nutrition, training and everything related to sports The 360º SportFit fitness magazine provides information on training nutrition

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