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The 76-year-old bodybuilder with the most impressive muscles you’ll ever see

    known as andhe ‘Black Prince’ of bodybuilding, Robby Robinson remains in excellent shape at 76 years of age despite having been retired for more than two decades. Of Californian origin, he told in a recent interview what his secrets are to continue with these giant muscles: “Healthy eating, constant hard work and love for training are my secrets, there is no more.”

    Although he also highlights the importance of having good genetics: “You could say that I am genetically blessed, but hard work produces results. Age does not matter, a determined mind is always very powerful.” And he emphasizes the importance of food: “I have followed this healthy way of eating well since I was a child because I grew up on a farm in the United States. My father and mother told me to eat well because that way I would grow stronger and healthier “.

    As for his training, he gives another key: “I love the mind-muscle connection; when you think you can really do something, the body does it. And I’ve been thinking that way since I was very young. And I’ve been focusing on it probably since that I was seven or eight years old and I think I developed this mindset to the point where I totally believe that whatever I try to do will come true.”

    Robby Robinson’s history in bodybuilding

    When Robinson began bodybuilding in 1975 at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach – some of the 15 strongest and most muscular bodybuilders in history have trained there. he remembers being told, “Blacks have a harder time competing.” “But I never heard the negative. I think when you get caught up in the negative and keep hearing it, it exhausts your ability to do what you want to do in a positive way. Just don’t pay attention to it, ”he concludes as advice.

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