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the actors meet again in the photo with more muscles

the luck of dolph lundgren in the movies, after playing a Soviet boxer in Rocky IV, he changed again when he and Stallone joined forces again for The Expendables aka The Expendables in 2010, a resounding success full of action and muscles, in which he shared the screen with among others, a certain Chuck Norris.

More than 10 years later -they both coincided in the second installment-, Norris and Lundgren have met again and have left a snapshot on Instagram to remember.

“I haven’t seen Chuck Norris since ‘The Expendables 2’. It was one of my great inspirations to get into karate. What an elegant and classy representative of martial arts,” writes the Swedish actor.

The success of the first film was enormous and a second part was quickly followed, ‘The Expendables 2’ (2012) which redoubled the budget and guest star bets.

The mercenaries managed to break that maxim that “second parts were never good” since most of the fans and critics consider this second film as better than the first because it is more successful in the mix of humor and action than the previous one (surely having more resources to make it also influenced a lot in the final result).

In the film, the mercenaries accept another job that seems to be easy but, obviously, everything gets complicated. They end up in a conflict with a rival mercenary band, the Sangs, and have to avenge the death of one of their younger members. In addition, they will have to solve the problem that the Sangs have in their possession five tons of plutonium that could represent a global threat.

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Without throwing bells and whistles either, many critics declared that the film delivered exactly what it promised: action in abundance starring the great stars of the genre, and that was more than could be asked of it. And with Chuck Norris as a savior, obviously.

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He is very much from Atlético de Madrid, so when footballers like Marcos Llorente or Álvaro Morata have starred on the cover of Men’s Health, he was there to write them. He just ran his first marathon for Runner’s World, and as he passes in this universe, he’s already looking for the next one to go under 3 hours. If you have to test any type of paddle tennis racket, vehicle or watch, it’s no problem. Even slippers. Whatever is needed in sports equipment.

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