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The amazing muscles of Damiano from the group ‘Maneskin’ on stage at Primavera Sound

        The Italian singer Damiano David became famous a few years ago after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with his group Maneskin. And already at that time he became a sex symbol worldwide for his charisma and his physical attractiveness. This weekend he has performed at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona and his fans have gone crazy with his muscular physique: notable biceps, marked pectorals and very defined abs.

        Irreverent and provocative on stage, David ‘Maneskin’ also sports a new look, with his hair shaved almost to zero and dyed white. The changes in his hairstyles and haircuts are already a hallmark of his career. And, as it could not be less, he blew up the Primavera Sound stage together with his group before thousands of spectators.

        How to get Maneskin singer abs?

        To achieve a strong six pack and defined abs, the first thing is to eat a lot of protein, stay satiated all day and not abuse ultra-processed foods, foods with sugar and carbohydrates and fats in general. Lots of strength training, fasted cardio and abs exercises like the abdominal wheel or isometric plates with all their variants.

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