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The back of Damián Quintero, who boasts of muscles

    Damián Quintero is a friend of Men’s Health and, of course, a fitness reference for all of us due to his muscular body, his healthy lifestyle and his sporting achievements, among others, a silver medal in the last Olympic Games. of Tokyo 2020. And in one of his latest posts on instagram, he has shown a spectacular photo, in underpants, socks and drinking coffee, and showing off a perfect back. (Top 15 exercises for a bigger back).

    But… how do you build a back like yours? What exercises do you have to do? His physique has a lot to do with his daily work as a karate fighter, but there are always movements that you can do to work your lats to the maximum and gain volume, definition and strength. (How to do 17 perfect pull-ups).

    Damián Quintero’s perfect back

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    If you want a back like his, strong and defined, write down these exercises that are essential to gain muscle and burn fat.

    -Of course, chin-ups, but also with a supine and neutral grip.

    – High pulley chest pull.

    -Gironde rowing.

    – Rowing with bar for lats.

    -Unilateral row with dumbbells. (How to do a dumbbell row for big lats).

    -And all that work on the dorsal machines that are in any gym.

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