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The best tricks for a perfect shoulder press

Strength training is the most recommended to gain muscle and burn fat, And when it comes to training the shoulders there is a basic exercise, the military press, both standing with a free weight, the best, and in a multipower machine. This is a move that will allow you to carry a lot of weight over time, but is tricky to work with and can cause injury if you neglect technique on your rotator cuffs.

The best tricks for a perfect machine shoulder press


The personal trainer @bazman_science tells us.

1- Tilt the bench one point. Don’t worry, that will not reduce the work of the anterior deltoid and, in addition, you will feel much more compact to exert force.

2- Pull out your chest and lower your shoulders, so you don’t exaggerate the lumbar arch.

3- Bar to the clavicle always, never to the chest. To shorten the range of motion a bit.

4- Wrists and elbows in line. At the point where the elbow starts to go back, you cut the range of travel and bring the bar back up.

5- Perform a range of travel until the vertical line of the forearm is broken.

6- Push hard against the ground to give more energy to the movement.

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