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The controversy of Sasha Fitness: what happens in Colombia

Writing (ALN).- The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, Invima, issued an alert on the illegal commercialization of products under the Bcca Sascha Fitness Colombia brand.

Lucy Libreros, health editor of Semana magazine, indicated during an interview with journalist Shirley Varnagy that the entity has reiterated that the Venezuelan products do not have a health registry for dietary supplements.

Despite the fact that Sascha Barboza affirmed that she has had Invima permits since 2019 and that they are permits that are granted for 5 years, the Colombian institute did not reconsider it, therefore, she will not be able to continue marketing her products in Colombia.” detailed Booksellers.

“The serious thing about this is that the Invima assures that it is against the original products”, added.

And it is that videos of counterfeit products from the Venezuelan have been published on social networks. On TikTok, a user told that he bought a fake Fit9 product, without knowing it. Then he realized that the packaging was completely different from the original: expiration date, fonts, colors, among others.

Just about this, Sascha highlighted on his social networks that “irregularities can come from the black market, or from the plagiarism of products, but the legal import of my products with my official distributor has everything in order and as it should be.”

Also, among the recommendations made by their customers on how to really have the original product, they are buying directly through their page or scanning the QR code that has the original presentation, it should take you directly to their website.

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