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The Crys Dyaz technique to engage those who start exercising in summer all year round

The importance of exercising has always been talked about, but never as much as now. Are we becoming more aware of the benefits that fitness has in store for all of us? Because even if there are exercises or disciplines that are not according to your conditions, there is a sporting activity for each person. And if not, ask Crys Dyazone of the most requested trainers of the moment.

Sport knocked on the door of many in 2020, when a ‘boom’ of people meeting via video call to train together was reported, and fortunately most of these people have maintained this trend, which is so beneficial for health. Or more. We spoke with Crys DyazCEO of Crys Dyaz & Co about how the sports demand is here to stay.

– You’re going to open a new center. Is there so much demand for sports today?

I have noticed an evolution in demand for 14 or 15 years. Today there are many people who take care of themselves and who see in sport a change that makes you feel better at all levels and to which they give priority. Before it was a luxury and now it assures you the results in a more coherent and conscious way towards yourself, give 100% of yourself to achieve those results and that attracts people. There is a huge demand and we do not stop growing.

-At Crys Dyaz & Co you offer accompaniment of all kinds for women, even for children. Is your center designed for all its stages?

Our center is designed for everyone, but it is true that we have specialization in women’s health and we provide comprehensive support for women and children from adolescence to menopause. We offer physiotherapy, nutrition, training and clinical services that enhance those results and we accompany them in the process. We also treat pelvic floor problems, among others.

-Are they all necessary when someone wants to change their lifestyle or is it usually one ‘leg’ that is always weaker?

We carry out an initial interview and open clinical records to all our patients, and we are the ones who advise and see what they need. Depending on the possibilities, we see if we have to focus more on training, on physio… and thus achieve the results that person expects.

-Now that the good weather has arrived, do you notice that the number of patients is increasing?

I always say that you have to find the time to play sports. It is very good, it will improve and regulate stress and it will increase the results. You have to find the moment to train because although we see it very well that, for example, you get married and want to do the bikini operation on duty, our responsibility is that it last over time. Summer is a time of greatest demand because those who train two days a week go to three and those who don’t train get to it. It seems good to me that someone trains with the objective of their next exhibition in a bikini, but the ideal is to keep it over time because if not, it is not worth it.

– Like the one who diets for a month… the results last a month.

That is. To achieve the results and find the benefits of sport beyond sport, you have to sustain it over time.

– What do you think of those who, as the months of good weather approach, decide to join the gym?

There is no use training for a bikini operation and then not exercising again. It’s a good time to attract people and join the problem, but it’s not worth doing May and June and abandoning the rest of the year.

– You have a long history but the latest generations that use Instagram know you for being the trainer of numerous influencers. When they sign up to train with you, is it usually long term or more of a short season?

I am lucky that the confidence of the media faces stay with us for many years and the anonymous ones too. It is true that we all have different tasks to attend to and different lives and it is sometimes difficult to maintain that continuity throughout the year, but we are lucky that many faithful people accompany us and in turn we accompany them at each stage of their lives, so that sometimes you train face-to-face and others by streaming.

-What case are you most proud of? I imagine that people who needed a big change in their lives have put themselves in your hands.

We have many amazing cases on our track record. People with cancer, pregnant women have passed through our hands… with wonderful deliveries due to very good physical condition, weight loss, people who have never played sports… We are more than 30 sorry people on the team and they have all helped the people to fit fitness into their lives.

-Ana Peleteiro, the influencer Maria F. Rubíes… there are many women who train during pregnancy. At this point, do you think it is necessary to continue promoting training during pregnancy?

Fortunately, that thought is in the minority and it is known that you have to train while pregnant. Not only swimming and going to Pilates is good, cardio work must be done in a very conscious way to arrive at the birth in the best possible physical and mental state and thus opt for a better recovery. We have the endorsement of many gynecologists who tell us about the progress their patients have made and other gynecologists come to train with us because the work at this level surprises them. We have a specific training that gives us great joy because turning it into a reference in the sector is wonderful.

-Now with the holidays many people have a harder time training. What do you recommend for those who have little time and change space several times these months?

We have Classland and we have more than 4,000 subscribers. People train from all over the world and there are many classes that are done with little material as well as training for all levels and stages of life. We take into account those who do not have the means to pay for directed classes or who cannot come to Madrid to train with us. These people are next to our team that accompanies them and we are very happy that they can maintain that physical activity and that level of sport that makes them look and feel better.

-Is the success of online training still at the same level as when we were in a pandemic?

I thought it was something seasonal and that it was going to decrease, but the truth is that it is surprising because it is increasing. Training online is easy because it helps you reconcile sports and we have seen how you can train just as well thanks to the feedback from our digital community. In fact, there are people who are more constant because they do it from home, others tell us that they train and their children have joined those training sessions… it is a way of spreading the word and this makes us give priority to our body and health.

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