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The first Pilar Fitness Festival arrives

This Saturday, from 4:30 p.m. Pilar Municipal Sports Center will house an unprecedented activity so far and, it is expected, very attractive: the first edition of the Pilar Fitness Festival.

The conference, which will have free access and is open to the participation of the entire community, is organized by the Municipality through the General Directorate of Sports local. And it is expected to be a real party.

Throughout its development, the meeting will have spaces for different aspects of fitness such as Aerobics, Aerobox, Zumba and even Hard Combat, by the hand of great teachers and specialists in each of these subjects.

Fitness Day 1.jpg

Fitness Saturday in Pilar.

“We are very happy to be able to organize this first fitness meeting. Our classes of different disciplines such as Aerobics, Localized, Aerobox or Zumba in the Municipal Clubs are a daily success and we want to carry out this day not only to bring together the students of those spaces but also to extend the invitation to all the neighbors who want to participate”, pointed out the director of Municipal sports, Fernando Trillo.

The classes will be taught by the teachers of the municipal spaces of these disciplines, a list in which names such as those of Alejandra Moyano, María Emilse Báez, Roque Chico, Érika Spinetta and Nancy Acuña. “But there will also be some guest teachers,” they remarked from the organization.

“We want all our neighbors to know the fitness disciplines that we give in our Municipal Clubs and also that the community knows some of the disciplines that are dictated in these meeting spaces and sports activities,” stressed the general director of Sports.

“We hope that the weather accompanies make it a beautiful Saturday party. We have already held a couple of massive Zumba events, aerobox meetings and multiple days of aerobics in its various variants. In all of them, neighbors from all our towns have accompanied us en masse and we have no doubt that this time it will be the same”, highlighted Trillo.

The appointment is this Saturday the 17th from 4:30 p.m. in the Pilar Sports Center (Néstor Kirchner at 1400) and participation is completely free and free

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