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The Gym grows 18.5% in the first semester due to the increase in clients and the average ticket

The Gym grows and closes its best semester in history due to the increase in clients and the average monthly income per user. The British chain of low-cost gyms billed 99.8 million pounds (129.3 million euros) between January and June, as reported by the company. The net debt as of June 30, 2023 was 69.7 million pounds (90.3 million euros), 8.4% less than last December.

The chain has not announced its volume of earnings for the first half, but in the preliminary results it states that it has raised its average ticket by 8%, up to 18.8 pounds (24.3 euros) per month. Besides, revenues also improved because the number of subscribers increased to 867,000 members77,000 more customers than a year ago and 46,000 more subscribers than six months ago.

However, the company has not yet recovered the business volumes it had in 2019 if only the centers that were operational at that time are taken into account. like for like it improved by 7% compared to the first half of 2022, but compared to 2019 it is at 97%. The company launched two clubs between January and June of this year and closed another location.

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