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The photo of a young Chayanne showing off defined abs

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        Chayanne, who will turn 55 in June, is still fit, but when he began his career in the early 1980s he was also very strong and trained almost daily in the gym. And this is how he has shown it to his fans on instagram with a vintage photo training chest with pulleys. And be careful, because the singer was quite strong in his youth, with defined biceps and almost perfect abs. (The 25 Best Abs Exercises For Your Core).

        In the photo you can see Chayanne, shirtless and with great hair, doing cable crossovers to train his chest and gain muscle and definition in his pecs. This exercise is a basic in chest training, but from Men’s Health we recommend it as a finisher to finish exhausting the chest and looking for a good muscle congestion.

        Chayanne, the ‘bullfighter’ singer

        “This #TBT of a normal day at the gym. Who among you in the same mood?” Chayanne writes next to the photo. Among the comments, some are as funny as these: “me thinking it was Jean-Claude Van Damme”, “and then they say that perfection does not exist”, “the more wrinkled and old the raisin is… the sweeter the raisin is.” fruit”.

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