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The price for doing sports in the Cádiz pavilions is below the national average

Physical activity is recommended to have good health and prevent diseases from appearing. But, on many occasions, it involves a cost for families, whether they go to a public or private center. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has carried out a study in which it compares the public rates of the municipal sports centers of 28 Spanish cities (among which Cádiz is not found) to find out where it is cheaper and where it is more expensive to play sports.

To do this, he has chosen four sports activities to compare prices. These are paddle tennis (rental of a track without electricity for one hour), swimming (two hours a week), pilates (two classes a week) and bodybuilding (two sessions a week).

Thus, according to this study, the average for renting a paddle tennis court without light is at 8.79 euros. For its part, the monthly price of two swimming lessons per week is 21.83 euros. As for Pilates, the cost per month of two classes per week is 24.61 euros. Lastly, two muscle-building sessions a week come out for 24.48 euros per month.

Taking these four variables into account, the conclusions of this OCU study indicate that the cities where it is cheaper to practice sports are Badajoz, Oviedo and Logroño, while at the opposite extreme are Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Burgos.

Thus, In Badajoz you can rent a paddle tennis court without light for four euros, swimming twice a week for 18.40 euros, giving two Pilates classes a week for 10 euros and using a weight room twice a week for 5.28 euros.

These prices have nothing to do with those in Barcelona, where a paddle tennis court costs 25.44 euros per hour, Giving two swimming classes a week costs 40.43 euros a month, a weekly class costs 51.99 euros a month and two weekly bodybuilding sessions amount to 49.45 euros.

Is it expensive to do sports in Cádiz?

Although the city of Cádiz has not been included in this study, a comparison of public rates can be made, which are established in the Tax Ordinance for Bath Houses, Showers, Swimming Pools, Sports Facilities and Other Similar Services.

It is true that the comparison cannot be made 100 percent because the rates do not have a faithful transfer to the variables that have been included in this study, but it does allow one to get an idea. So, Doing sports in Cádiz has a cost that is below the national average.

Thus, for example, the municipal ordinance states that the cost of renting a paddle tennis court at the Puerto Elcano Sports Complex is 10 euros for an hour and a half, to which two euros should be added if artificial light is used. In this case, the price is adequate when compared to the 8.79 euros that the use costs on average for one hour nationwide.

Regarding the use of municipal swimming pools, it must be borne in mind that the city has the Ciudad de Cádiz Sports Complex and the Astilleros swimming pool. In both, the monthly subscription that allows unlimited access has a cost of 17.40 euros in the morning and 22.40 euros in the afternoon. Here, the national average stands at 21.83 euros for its enjoyment twice a week, so the subscriptions offered by the Cádiz City Council have adjusted prices, also counting the possibility of adding other activities such as bodybuilding and / or fitness.

Regarding the Pilates option, in the municipal rates of Cádiz it is not possible to make a faithful comparison of the prices, although there are two similar options. Thus, in the Ciudad de Cádiz Sports Complex and the Shipyards Pool, a subscription for unlimited access to the activities of the Fitness Room for a monthly price of 26.50 euros. In the rest of the pavilions, you can contract a subscription for one session per week of fitness activities for 11.20 euros. Here, it should be remembered that the average price of two weekly Pilates sessions is 24.61 euros per month, so the cost of the different options that are available in the capital of Cadiz is more profitable or cheaper.

Lastly, the Cádiz City Council offers two subscriptions for unlimited use of the weights rooms at a price of 20.40 euros in the morning and 26.50 euros in the afternoon, in addition to other subscriptions that allow you to combine this activity with a swimming pool and fitness. The national average is 24.48 euros for two weekly sessions.

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