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The “Rusticucci” hosted a great local fitness party

1st Fitness Festival

The event was organized by the Municipality through the General Directorate of Sports and had great neighborhood participation. Aerobics, zumba, aerobox and hard combat classes were taught, among other disciplines.

A real party. This is how you can define what hundreds of neighbors enjoyed last Saturday at the facilities of the “Ricardo Rusticucci” Municipal Microstadium, where the first Pilar Fitness Festival took place.

The activity had free and open access, was open to the participation of the entire community and was attended by hundreds of practitioners from the various disciplines that make up the world of fitness.

“We are happy and very satisfied with this first Fitness Festival that we organize from the General Directorate of Sports. It was quite a challenge and the response from the neighbors was great”, considered the general director of municipal Sports, Fernando Trillo, who was accompanying the mayor Federico Achával at the formal opening of the event.

Throughout its development, the meeting had spaces for carrying out different aspects of fitness such as Aerobics, Aerobox, Zumba and even Hard Combat, hand in hand with the presence of great teachers and specialists in each of these subjects.

“The classes of the different disciplines such as Aerobics, Localized, Aerobox or Zumba in our Municipal Clubs are a success on a daily basis and in view of this panorama, we wanted to carry out this day with the aim of publicizing the activities and bringing together the students of those spaces”, remarked Trillo.

The classes were taught by the teachers of the municipal spaces of these disciplines, a list in which names such as Alejandra Moyano, María Emilse Báez, Roque Chico, Érika Spinetta and Nancy Acuña are registered.

As in the previous one, Trillo stressed that “we seek that all our neighbors know the fitness disciplines that we give in our Municipal Clubs and also that the community knows some of the disciplines that are taught in these meeting spaces and sports activities.”

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