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the secret to her super toned and shiny legs at 80

at 80 Naty Abascal He continues to surprise his followers with perched in swimsuits that have left us speechless. And it is that the socialite has a heart attack figure where her super toned and shiny legs have completely stolen our attention after the last publication of the model on Instagram. Keeping the body so defined requires very specific gym routines, as well as a good diet and the help of supplements with which to enhance all these results, which is why we could not help but follow the trail of Naty Abascal, in search of the secret to be radiant at any age.

This is how Naty Abascal takes care of herself: the step by step to be spectacular at 80 years old

Naty Abascal shared with her followers on networks a photograph in which the socialite appeared posing in a swimsuit with an outfit to welcome the summer where her hyper-toned legs have left us speechless.


To stay in shape, Naty Abascal has a coach who comes to your house in Madrid, although when she is not in the city, the socialite does not skip the fitness routine and she herself does a exercise table for joints and back.

As for your diet, always try to make it rich in fruit, legumes, cereals, nuts, vegetables, rice and whole wheat bread. All without salt and without gluten and leaving meat and fish behind. In addition, supplements such as vitamin C, and Revidox have become essential for the care of your skin, but your favorite is collagen, and as you have commented on other occasions in your Instagram stories, it is a must. for the elasticity of your skin. Specifically, it is Collagen Blu, although other options such as Vital Proteins, Jennifer Aniston’s favorite, is also a very good option.

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