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The shoes that Paula Echevarría does not take off to train in summer despite the heat

Paula Echevarria He has taken advantage of these summer days to escape from Madrid and head to his town, Candás, in Asturias. He has made it known through his social networks sharing beach moments and leisure with his young son. But now she has returned to the routine and the actress has shown her on social networks after 15 days without doing any sports he puts his shoes back on to resume their training. As you already know, Paula has been a benchmark in the world of street style fashion for years but she is also a benchmark in the field of fitness as she incorporates it into her routine to take care of her body but also her mind. . She herself was the one who told us that training has always been a fundamental part of her life since she was 14 years old.

Well, with the mood changed and renewed energy after the holidays, Paula stomps back on her training mat and with the weights for her functional routine ready to lay hands. This is how he has let us know through the following Instagram story. For this, she has chosen some adidas brand shoes that are his favorites and that luckily now are available on amazon.

Instagram: @pau_eche

Instagram @pau_eche//instagram

It’s all about the model adidas Ultraboost in Frozen Yellow. Some sneakers that have been designed by women for women with the most common shape among us in the insole so that it adapts to our footprints. This particular model is already difficult to find because it is not available in the same color but we have found another ideal tone that combines white with fluorine yellow and that is great for a price.

adidas adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA W

adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA W

adidas adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA W

Credit: Amazon
Headshot of Eva Machón Saavedra

Eva Machón is a digital editor, an expert in fashion, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. No cool sneaker has escaped her radar, no celebrity look has gone unnoticed.

He is a specialist in covering red carpets to look for the most defined abs but he does not get ruffled if he has to try the toughest CrossFit exercises that have to be done to get them. Now, what she likes most about her job is having the opportunity to snoop around in the beauty bag of celebrities and ask everyone (she never forgets) for her favorite beauty trick.

No one better than her knows what it’s like to spend hours diving on social networks in search of trends and new products that she can test to write her reviews and give her opinion on the topic that is most current with her friends (why not say so). In her spare time, she takes advantage of the time to exploit her creativity stitch by stitch in her embroidery workshop, unleash energy giving everything in her dance classes and disconnect with a good crime novel accompanied by her two cats.

Eva Machón graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and since then she has worked as an editor in different lifestyle-themed digital magazines. She has been associated with Women’s Health for more than 4 years.

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