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The spectacular firm buttocks of Mina El Hammani and the training to achieve them

It is not the first time that El Hammani Mine leaves us stunned with his incredible musculature. In fact, the actress who was on the cover of Women’s Health four years ago; She starred in her June number, she has not stopped showing on networks some of her exercise routines with which she manages to enhance her incredible curves. Now, on this occasion, Mina El Hammani has wanted to put aside her vintage Adidas shoes and her exercise to strengthen her arms, to share with his followers, through Instagram, some snapshots where He has made us part of his little getaway to -as we can assume from his mentions- the well-known Florida town, Palm Beach.

Thus, the actress has not only wanted to share some of the delicious sweet delicacies that she has consumed these days, but has also shown that his silhouette is already indescribable; what a definition!

And it is that, with a black swimsuit with white lines from Adidas, which shade the curves, Mina El Hammani not only made us participants of his already mentioned silhouette. No no. The actress also revealed that lower body exercises They are not missing from their routines either. The reason? The swimsuit shows off a Brazilian cut that exposed the firmness and push up effect of your buttocks. An effect that, although the swimsuit helps, requires some good exercises focused on that area.

The Adidas swimsuit, the garment that has enhanced the definition of Mina el Hammani’s buttocks.

As we already anticipated, the sporty cut swimwear has a cut-out at the back and a high leg cut that favors that the results of the series of squats are visible.

Now, if you don’t like sports-style swimsuits too much, this black version may fit you better and become an essential in your suitcases in the summer season. Not to mention its more than competitive price.

UMIPUBO Enhances the silhouette with this reducing swimsuit

UMIPUBO Enhances the silhouette with this reducing swimsuit

Mina El Hammani or how to achieve buttocks with a push-up effect like hers

While is true that Mina El Hammani’s fit secret to tone the body is incredibleto enhance the effect of his aforementioned lower body, a area specific training and, in this sense, this routine drawn up by one of our trainers of the month is going to come in handy if you are looking for that effect; They are easy exercises to perform but, at the same time, provide wonderful results (we speak from experience, of course).

preview for Exercises for a firm ass by Andrea de Ayala

So, now you know, if you are looking to score a real Mina el Hammani in those moments, you can!

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