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The super effective training method of Eva González with which calories are destroyed

At 42 years old, Eva González has not lost a bit of energy when it comes to training. The presenter has become a clear fitness benchmark thanks to her very marked routines as well as her passion for sports. That is why she always follows the trail in search of new exercises that we can include in our own routines Or maybe who knows, dare to try the latest discipline that she has included in her training with the model.

Eva González’s training with an electrostimulation vest that has taken her routine to another level

Eva González has shared with her followers on Instagram a photograph in the gym before beginning her fitness sessions together with her trainer ready to start a routine based on electrostimulation in the hand of a vest. Undoubtedly a plus to take into account in the training of the presenter.


The model has joined the group of celebrities who have already declared themselves fans of this type of training, such as Paula Echevarría. And it is that starting any exercise with this vest means real growth in the results to be achievedTherefore, we are not surprised by the words of Eva González loaded with sarcasm before putting on the garment: “God help me”.

While the trainer supervises the fitness session, the vest does its job, applying electric shocks to enhance the charge of the muscles, discharges which increase or decrease in intensity depending on the physical shape of the person. It is evident that this vest does not do magic, toning the body without any effort, it is more an extra to add to the routine in search of more noticeable results. Something that has undoubtedly convinced Eva González and that we are looking forward to trying.

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