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The toned belly that Belén Rueda has worn at 58 that you can achieve

More than 20 years have passed since Belen Rueda she came to all of our homes playing Lucía Gómez in ‘Los Serrano’. We won’t talk about certain endings, nor will we sing the famous ‘one plus one’ again. Now, after seeing her come to Belén Rueda at the party held by Bambú Producciones in Madrid (one where the invitations of Eva Longoria or Elsa Pataky were not lost) with a set consisting of a puffed crop top and a midi skirt with an elegant satin effect, it has been impossible not to stop and contemplate how Belén Rueda continues to shine just as radiant as decades ago.

It seems that, like Ana Belén with her firm and strong arms at 72, she has found the elixir of eternal youth. That or one of the routines devised by our trainers of the month; obsessed we have stayed with the definition of his impressive abdomen. It lacks little to be as spectacular as that of Ana de Armas or the one that Aitana taught us to the rhythm of ‘The Babys’.

Belén Rueda monopolizes all the flashes with the definition of her belly

Aldara Zaraoa//Getty Images

If a few weeks ago we already noticed how she was showing off her arm in the podcast ‘Estirando el chicle’ and, a few days ago, we could see her showing off her impressively strong arms in a red dress, now, our attention has fallen directly towards her belly. The same one that he has worn incredibly tonedgaining a greater definition than the one he wore a couple of years ago, in the current event.

It seems that, just like her arms, the actress who always has been a good defender of the fitness life -as her slender silhouette achieved with hiking and swimming in all these years attests- she has proposed to join the fitness life in style. so, after get hit with his arms, it seems that he is going to achieve the same effect – who warns, is not a traitor – activating the muscles of his abdomen. As? With a change in their routines. And it is that if sport, as he has been affirming in various interviews, has always been present… something has had to change so that in a matter of months show off that toning. Seriously, in view is:

nativity scene wheel abdomen

Aldara Zaraoa//Getty Images

So, without leaving, probably, the exercises that performs with the weights four days a week, the actress must have incorporated some specific routine for the abdomen Or, at least, he’s upped his cardio.

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Do you have the same goal? So, tell you that you are in the right place; from the comfort of home you can activate your abdomen with some of the routines that our trainers of the month have performed. Some that, seen the abdomen of the actress, we would not be surprised if Belén had incorporated into her habits; they work perfectly. You just have to put on your best shoes and put on your best leggings and press play.

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Now let’s not forget about the good diet. Without a healthy balance, it is difficult to achieve a change, much less an impressive physical transformation like that of Mar Saura or Raquel Sánchez Silva, don’t forget it!

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Journalist from the Complutense University of Madrid, throughout his career he has been part of multiple headlines on more lifestyle themes such as Marie Claire or Vanitatis where, among other tasks, he has been in charge of writing the latest trends seen in the street style.

He does not miss the latest training sessions of celebrities such as Rosalía, Georgina Rodríguez or Penélope Cruz. Well, before defined arms, firm legs or a toned abdomen, there she is to find out about the exercises that put celebrities in shape.

Marina Vázquez is one of those who does not resist trying a new cosmetic, who snacks seasons in an afternoon and who is always in a hurry to add another series to the routine, but they arrive on time.

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