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The tragic death of fitness influencer Jo Lindner at the age of 30

Nicha, his partner, was the one who shared the news, assuring that his death happened completely unexpectedly and that, in addition, he died hugging her.

The German bodybuilding star Jo Lindner died to the 30 years old. The star, known for her YouTube channel, died suddenly and it was her partner who broke the news.

Nicha shared a photo on her Instagram account where she appears with Jo and announced the tragic death due to an aneurysm. “On Wednesday his neck hurt and he told me to touch it. Then we both felt that something was bulky. I think she thought it was a normal pain as always, “explained his girlfriend.

“So Joe and I lay on the bed. He lay on my chest, his head on my arm for 20 minutes, then he stood up when it was time to go… and that’s how it happened“added the young woman.

Nicha stressed that her partner did not die from drug abuse steroids. “He built himself and worked hard. It’s not fair. He was brave enough to admit if he used them,” she is also a bodybuilder.

To the above, the young woman added a disclaimer for all those who pointed to her that she had done nothing to save her boyfriend’s life.

“The only reason I’m posting this is because some people stab me over and over again”, published in storie on his Instagram account. “Please read my last post. I wish it had been something else, then I probably could have saved it,” she concluded.

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