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The training, of only 10 minutes, with which you will achieve a flat stomach in a month

The training, of only 10 minutes, with which you will achieve a flat stomach in a month

The heat and high temperatures are just around the corner and with them comes concern for our bodies. During the months prior to the arrival of summer there are many who focus all your efforts to lose weight with strict diets and hard workouts.


The first thing to be clear about is that miracles do not exist and To lose weight correctly it is important that we go to a specialist guide us If what you are looking for is to get a flatter stomach, you should know that food will play a very important role. Changing your eating habits will be the first step to achieve it. Reduce carbohydrate intake and increase protein and fiber intake And don’t stop consuming good fats.

There is certain foods that are ideal to say goodbye to belly fat such as fruits, eggs, ginger, nuts, poultry, fish, green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, oatmeal, or plain yogurt.

Training will be the other key piece to lose weight and achieve that flat stomach you are looking for and it is not necessary to kill yourself exercising for hours. With only 10 minutes a day you will get results in a month.

The 10-minute workout to get a flat stomach

Jump rope

The jump rope has become the preferred exercise for fitness lovers. It allows you speed up your metabolism when you do it to the maximum of your capacity. Jump rope as hard as possible using two-legged hops for a full 45 seconds.

Jump Squats

To perform a jump squat, start tall with feet apart to hip width, and use momentum for the next rep.

push ups

push ups do work the upper body and core, giving your lower body a chance to recover from the previous two exercises while keeping pace with your upper body.


run from one side to the other for 45 seconds or at your maximum capacity on the treadmill or on the site.


Another of the exercises that has conquered sports lovers. It is an intense exercise but it has many results. What you will have to do is mix two jumps, one squat and one pushup. The most complex part is the recovery of the flexion after the jump, since it does not consist of letting yourself fall, but in putting your arms with enough force to do the next flexion.

It is important that during the 10 minutes that the training will give you give the maximum of your abilities. Makes each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds. Repeat the circuit twice.

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