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The Turkish lift becomes one of the exercises that most enhances strength

If you haven’t been to the gym for a long time or are looking for new sporting challenges to liven up your daily routine, a popular exercise in the world of fitness or strength training but little known outside these circles may be your solution. We talk about the Turkish uprising.

The Turkish pull up is an exercise with a long history dating back to ancient Persia and the world of wrestling. However, the modern form was popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline, a Russian-born fitness trainer, who incorporated it into his exercise routines in the 1990s that focused on strength, mobility, and muscular endurance.

The Russian army also came to practice it during World War I with the aim of improving their strength and mobility. Now, the Turkish lift has become popular in the fitness community because in addition to strengthening the core Helps improve strength, stability, and coordination throughout the body.

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Benefits of the Turkish uprising

The Turkish lift is a highly effective exercise that provides numerous health and fitness benefits:

  • Improved strength and stamina: The Turkish Raise is an exercise that works the muscles of the trunk, legs, shoulders and arms. Performing it regularly can significantly improve the strength and muscular endurance of the entire body.
  • Increased stability and balance: Requires a great deal of stability and balance to perform movements correctly. Therefore, regular practice of this exercise can help improve stability and body balance.
  • Development of coordination and motor control: Practicing the Turkish lift can improve coordination and motor control, which can be beneficial in other physical activities and sports.
  • Strengthening of the muscles of the core: Although it is an exercise in which all the muscles of the body participate, it focuses especially on the core muscles that will be strengthened and, with this, posture and balance will be improved.
  • improves flexibility: Involves large and complex movements that can help improve the flexibility of joints and muscles.

How is the Turkish uprising done?

The Turkish lift is a complex exercise that requires coordination, balance, and full-body strength. That’s why we explain it to you step by step:

  1. Lie on the floor on your side, with a dumbbell in your hand that is pointing toward the ceiling. The opposite hand should be extended to the side, diagonal to the body.
  2. With the hand holding the dumbbell, push the dumbbell up as you raise your upper body. Then lift your hips up and extend your opposite leg out.
  3. With your free hand, place it on the floor for support as you raise your torso and leg, then bring your straightened leg back to the floor, tucking it under your body. The knee of the front leg should be bent and the back foot on the ground.
  4. Then, raise your torso off the floor, bringing the hand holding the dumbbell up and pointing toward the ceiling.
  5. With your free hand, lift the elbow of the arm holding the weight off the floor, pulling it back while maintaining an elevated torso position and the weight.
  6. From here, bring your back leg forward, coming to a kneeling position, but still holding the dumbbell at arm’s length.
  7. Lastly, rise up to an upright position from your knees, bringing the held dumbbell up toward the ceiling at arm’s length.

To return to the starting position, simply reverse the movements in reverse order.

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