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The world of fitness has more and more false myths

myths and a lot disinformation. Even though we have more documentation than ever, The truth is that we are still encountering a multitude of false dogmas in the world of fitness..

The technology It has helped to bring information about sports, food and health to the whole world. However, it is also due to the multiplication of myths and misinformation through the networks. Therefore, it is good to know what are the erroneous statements that are most heard in gyms so as not to believe them.

Technology has helped bring information about sports, food and health to everyone

Best known fitness myths

Sweating more makes you lose more fat

Fat is not lost through sweat. Moreover, it is difficult to lose it with dehydration. What happens is that there is an increase in body temperature, which is balanced by sweating.

Gym Myths

The more protein you eat, the more muscle

Taking more protein, by itself, does not make you gain muscle mass. Good training and a consistent energy balance will lead you to success in your goal. In addition, due to rapid absorption, more than 30 grams of protein powder per intake is not advisable, since the liver does not have the capacity for such a large amount of punch.

If my scale shows that I have lowered my number, I have lost fat

If you only look at the number on the scale, you won’t know the truth about your body composition. The ideal in a good nutritional and sports approach to know that you lose fat, and not muscle. Getting a healthy and defined look.

I’m a woman and I don’t do weights so I don’t have a man’s musculature

An adequate training in weight, nutrition and rest will not make you have a man’s or muscular body. Although both make testosterone. the amounts are so different that it is a mistake to think that a woman will be able to muscle in the same way.

Copying someone else’s training will help me get the same results

Each person is a world and each training must be individualized. Adapted to your life, your body type and your goals. If this is not the case, in addition to not achieving adherence to the plan, it will not be an effective routine.

The longer the training lasts the better

Duration is not as important as muscle tension (TUT), metabolic stress and training intensity.

If you do squats you will suffer from knee pain

With a good technique, not only will you not have knee pain, but they will be much stronger. Moreover, it is one of the most beneficial exercises.

Beer is good for post-workout

Beer is not the ideal drink to recover after an effort. Although it provides carbohydrates and vitamins, it is still alcohol. In addition, it is a diuretic drink (makes you eliminate liquids) and alcoholic, loading the liver with work. Therefore, if we drink beer after training, what we achieve is dehydrate us and force the body to detoxify.

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