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There will be inclusive bathrooms in the Empire Fitness

Within the framework of International LGBTTTIQ+ Pride Day, Empire Fitness released the news of its new project on inclusive bathrooms. Which will reach all its facilities.

As reported by Sergio Angelo Ávila, businessman and leader in the fitness industryit is about the installation of inclusive or neutral bathrooms.

As you have read, Empire Fitness, in addition to the traditional bathrooms for men and women that already exist, now the chain of gyms will have an inclusive facility aimed at the entire LGBTTTIQ+ community.

This proposal stands out for being the first time that a sports center in Puebla dares to innovate taking into account the different existing sexual genders.

These spaces will be additional in the gym so that anyone can access regardless of their gender. With this, it seeks to have a place free of criticism for the comfort of all, all and all.

It is worth mentioning that the Empire Fitness chain of gyms recognizes the importance of feeling free to express oneself, in addition to promoting sexual diversity and inclusion.

Would you like to contribute to this change?


If you, like many people, want to do something positive in society, Empire Fitness listens to you. Since if you have any ideas to contribute to continue promoting inclusion, you can contact the following email: [email protected]

Why was International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day born?

As we already know, every June 28 commemorates the fight for sexual diversity and creates discrimination for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and more people.

But do you know how the movement came about?

The beginnings of this fight were born on June 28, but in 1969. Date when the riots occurred in Stonewall, New York against the homosexual liberation movement.

This event marked a before and after for the entire LGBTTTIQ+ community. Well, after a team of police tried to intimidate and arrest people, just for dancing with someone of the same sex.

Various groups of homosexuals decided to raise their voices and carry out the first peaceful demonstrations against homophobia that they lived by law.

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