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These are Mira Kapoor’s tips to increase hair growth and reduce hair fall

From whipping up DIY concoctions of all sorts be it hibiscus hair masks or A2 ghee packs, Mira Kapoor does it all. On her YouTube channel, the actor often spills her coveted skincare and haircare secrets in a detailed fashion. Thinning hair is an unwelcome and alarming sight with contributing factors ranging from weather and diet changes to postpartum loss. But, Mira Kapoor has got you covered with her personal tips and tricks on how to manage excessive hair fall while also boosting hair growth to leave your hair healthier, fuller, and shinier.

While personally struggling with thinning hair that left behind a receding hairline and clumps of shedding hair, Mira Kapoor delved into the science behind hair fall to tackle the problem at its root (pun intended).

Decoding hair fall

To understand how to speed up hair growth, it is important to note, as per Mira, what makes it excessively thin in the first place. Telogen effluvium is the term for a common cause of temporary hair loss due to excessive shedding of resting or telogen hair after some shock or stressful experience. This shock can be physical or mental and it is essential to identify the triggers of this shock. Triggers may range from habits that aren’t working for your body that are creating an imbalance and placing stress on your systems like not getting enough sleep due to workplace stress to a sudden shock such as losing a loved one. Fortunately, telogen effluvium is a reversible condition that can be tended to with immense care and precision. All products Mira used can definitely be seen doing their magic as she proves to have reaped the benefits.

It is important to note that there aren’t any clinically proven ingredients or methods to boost hair growth from the follicle. Instead, reducing hair damage and improving hair strength can do the job. To figure out how to best do this, Mira Kapoor followed a two-prong approach—one, that aimed to strengthen her roots and the other that encouraged hair growth by feeding her follicles by means of nutrition supplements and oils. Ahead, we walk you through the much-needed products and routines followed by the star to maintain her glossy hair and reduce hair fall.

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Mira Kapoor’s tips on how she reduced hair fall:

1. Stop tying your hair tightly

Ditch thin rubberbands for your ponytails and buns. Tying your hair too tight can cause traction alopecia which causes a receding hairline due to the continuous pulling and tugging at your hairline. Swap those for silk and cloth rubberbands and switch to arranging your hair in a comfortable loose bun.

2. A big no to combing (or brushing) wet hair

Towel-dry or air-dry your hair so as to not tug at your follicles when they are the most delicate post-shower and more prone to fallout.

3. Fit a water softener to your shower head

Hard water is the type of water that has a high quantity of ‘hard’ minerals (usually magnesium and calcium). These minerals dry out the skin, clog your pores, and cause frizz among many other unwanted conditions to your skin and hair due to its harsh composition. A simple hard water softener can create all the difference not just to your hair but your skin too, a fancy expensive gadget is not required.

4. Give your tresses a break from the heat

Ditch the hair dryer and curling iron, and be kind to your tresses. Mira Kapoor used a baby brush to smoothen out her baby hair and switched to towel drying her hair with extra care. Frequent blowouts do more damage to your hair than you think.

5. Adopt scalp massages

Scalp massages help to boost blood circulation and boost hair growth. With or without warm oil, you can even add a wooden comb to the mix to help detangle your hair and feel relaxed as you allow your scalp to breathe.

6. Develop healthy lifestyle habits

Drinking enough water, eating well, working out, and sleeping well are the thumb rules of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Treat your body as the temple it is, worthy of love and care with great tenderness.

The hair care routine she followed to battle hair fall:

To tackle sudden hair fall, these natural products found a spot in Mira Kapoor’s hair care routine, in the order listed below:

Revive Hair Oil by The Hair Kitchen

Regain Hair Balm by The Hair Kitchen

Nourish Hair Conditioner by The Hair Kitchen

Hair Glace Serum by The Hair Kitchen

Hair Tone PV-1 Handmade Scalp Spray by Avimee Herbal

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