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They commemorate Orange Day with a mega fitness dance class in Playa del Carmen.

  • They meet to share a message against violence in the El Petén neighborhood.

SOLIDARIDAD, Q. ROO.- Beyond an afternoon of dancing, fun and joy, the commemoration of Orange Day is an opportunity to express the message of union and strength, it is a moment to strengthen ties of friendship and support, in this On this occasion, instructors and students from the Activate and Renew for Solidarity program met in the dome of the El Petén neighborhood to organize the mega-class “Dancing against violence”.

The session included the participation of the instructors, who took the stage in the company of members of their groups and other instructors who encouraged the participants, since the majority were women, to follow the steps and learn new movements. Physical activation is essential to have a healthy lifestyle.

Alejandro Tun Pacheco, sports director of the Solidaridad Municipal Sports Institute, commented that being able to promote through dance and rhythms allows the program to impact more citizens, promoting healthy habits in an environment of camaraderie and support, emphasizing that currently They are offering talks on nutrition for all those who attend the sessions, since it is important to know everything related to the health and well-being of Solidarenses.

The next session of Orange Day will be within the framework of the celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Municipality of Solidaridad, for which reason the venue of the event will be announced shortly, in which the attendance of a large number of citizens in general is expected. The indications of the municipal president, Lili Campos, have been clear and direct, to bring the physical activation and health programs to the people of solidarity, since a healthy and active society will allow us to have a municipality in orderly and constant growth.

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