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they enter Juan Faro’s house and take the exclusive car that he raffled off

Juan Faro, a popular coach who has more than 260,000 followers on Instagram, has reported a theft through his social networks. Someone has entered his home in Ibiza and has stolen the luxury high-end car that he had raffled off among his followers a few weeks ago. The vehicle in question is an exclusive Mercedes G-Class with the registration number 9449MBD.

In his Instagram stories, he does not give credit: “I don’t know why they take this car, which is exclusive on the island, if they are not going to be able to get it out of Ibiza.” In addition to the car, they also took clothing from well-known brands, a small suitcase, and some sneakers.

They have taken four shits. They have left the Louis Vuitton suitcase and they took the small one. What a disgusting rock”, he says in one of the ‘stories’ of the social network where he has been updating the status of his house and the investigation. Shortly after he reported that this unique car had been seen in Playa d’en Bossa, although they still hadn’t recovered it.

They rob Juan Faro in Ibiza

Fortunately for him, they found no money, since he never keeps cash at home, the trainer explains. Faro explained that access to the interior of his house was produced through scaling a window that it was open.

As a result of this unpleasant experience, he has made the decision to install a state-of-the-art security system. to prevent future incidents. The coach strongly requests everyone’s collaboration in order to locate the stolen car. He trusts that the dissemination of this news through his social networks and the support of his virtual community can help to find the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle.

Who is Juan Faro?

Juan Faro, born in Pontevedra in 1987, is a former police officer who became a successful social media personality. He abandoned his career in the National Police in 2017 to dedicate himself exclusively to his body and create content on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Although he calls himself an “entertainer” instead of an “influencer,” he has hundreds of thousands of followers and shows off his lifestyle, including his diet, his house, his muscles, and his parties.

Faro comes from a humble family and had aspirations to travel and have a good quality of life. Although he initially dedicated himself to fitness as a way to support his then partnerdiscovered his passion for sports and began to compete and win championships. He soon became a benchmark in the world of fitness in Spain and even obtained the professional card to compete in the United States.

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After earning money through fitness-related advertising and promotions, Faro decided to quit his law enforcement career and focus on his own business. He now lives a luxurious life, with Porsche cars and a house with a pool, and is dedicated to his career on social networks. Although he has received criticism for his political views and his fights against the government, he is proud of his fellow police officers and continues to give advice to opponents and defend the rights of officers.

Although his life has changed drastically since his time as a police officer, he remains a recognized figure on social media and is looking to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur in various sectors.

Between support and criticism

His followers are divided on this incident. While some users express empathy and solidarity towards the influencer, others (fewer, according to himself) take the opportunity to criticize his ostentatious lifestyle and point out that the theft could be a consequence of his excessive online exposure.

The protagonist, known for his luxurious lifestyle and for documenting every aspect of his day-to-day life on social networks, has spoken about it. Despite the unpleasant experience he has lived through, he has defended his choice to share his life online, noting that it is precisely thanks to his exposure that he enjoys a privileged lifestyle without having to work “from Monday to Sunday”.

Ultimately, the luxury car raffle can be seen as a strategy to consolidate the position of this influencer in the digital world. By engaging his followers in this opportunity, he hopes to stay relevant and gain additional followers who are lured by the promise of prizes and the prospect of a life of luxury.

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