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This is how Cristiano Ronaldo trains in summer to maintain his muscle mass

It is common that when the holidays arrive, many people abandon their good habits, such as playing sports on a regular basis. But Cristiano Ronaldo is not one of them. The soccer player, who enjoys his holidays with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez and his children, he does not hesitate to continue training to keep his muscles strong.

At 38 years old, the Portuguese, who is still active playing for Al-Nassar, a team from the Saudi league where he ended up last season, can boast of having one of the most impressive physiques in football Thanks to your training. His discipline is known, so it is not surprising that the footballer does not neglect his routines even during his vacations.

Although his training probably includes many more exercises, this time Cristiano Ronaldo has shared a video in which he focuses on the upper body. outdoors and with dumbbells, the soccer star performs several shrugs, lateral raises and bicep curls alternate. It is a short routine, but it can serve as inspiration for all its followers, although some criticize in the comments that the exercises are not done well.

After spending a few days browsing his luxury yacht, Ronaldo is in a mansion where, of course, there is no lack of a gym. In the video you can see other sports equipment such as an exercise bike, a reclining weight bench and a pull-up tower and functional training. The footballer knows that during training, and more so in the summer months, it is essential to hydrate well, for which he chooses his alkaline water, which he presented just a few weeks ago.

Although it is normal that during the holidays the fitness routines are more relaxed, to avoid that the return to the gym is very hard, it is advisable to continue doing sports. In addition, in summer social life is greater, so it is also normal for eating habits to change and become less healthy.

Doing water sports (swimming, surfing…) is one of the easiest tricks to stay in shape in these months, but strength exercises are still important, so the ideal is to try to do them at least one day a week.

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