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This is the gym that actor Dolph Lundgren has at home

        Almost all, if not all Hollywood action movie stars have their own home gym. From The Rock to Silvester Stallone or the 7 times Mister Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger. So they can train daily and make the job of your typical personal trainer easier. That is, if you are rich and you like fitness, a home gym is a must. And, in the case of the veteran Dolph Lundgren, we have seen on his instagram account how he is and how he trains on a normal day at 65 years of age.

        The great rival of Jean-Claude Van Damme or Stallone in the cinema during the nineties, is now one of the protagonists of the saga The mercenaries and he’s still in pretty good shape, yes, without the muscles and abs from before, of course… (The films of The mercenaries ordered from worst to best)

        Dolph Lundgren’s biceps exercise

        In a recent video on his instagram account, Lundgren appears doing one-arm biceps on a low pulley, a classic for hypertrophying the arms and gaining definition and strength in the brachialis. “I like to add a drop set at 50-60% of my workload as the final set of each exercise. It gives faster results,” he explains.

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